Glob G103 Twin III 主輪ボルト損傷 Main wheel bolt was broken

Twin III 主輪のボルトのネジ山がなめてしまい、はめていたナットが空回りし、締めることも緩めることもできなくなりました。


The nut is not tightened and it continues turning.

I put a metallic blade on the proxon's router, cut the nut and divided.



Bolt threads are scraped


Rudolf Linder社より部品を取り寄せて交換。交換部品は約10日で入手できました。

I ordered parts from Rudolf Linder and exchanged. Replacement parts were delivered within 10 days.



Because it is the main wheel, we have put on our strength and tighten the bolt.
It is necessary to engage with torque corresponding to M8 bolt.